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Truth Will Out Radio: Fascist Cats and Bolshevik Prots – TWOR 081018

twor 081018

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to look back over ‘The Freemasonic Victors of WW2’ from chapter 9 onwards, covering the Boer war, the fascist protectors of the Catholic church and Oliver Cromwell’s puritan revolution.

Chapter 9 opens with a speech from Hitler comparing German concentration camps with the British ones of the Boer war, where 25,000 women and children died from mistreatment. That conflict also saw the British use a ‘scorched earth’ policy, where railroads, houses and even churches were bombed. This same policy would end up being used by Churchill against Germany near the end of the second world war causing mass starvation in the camps.

When Germany finally fell, the Catholic church returned the favour to the brave men that had defended Christendom against the Bolshevik hordes by arranging for thousands of Axis warriors to be taken to safety in South America. Among these were some of the most wanted men in Croatia, a country that was known to be even harsher on the Jews than Germany was.

Before Hitler even came to power there was a Catholic movement formed to defend Europe against Communism called ‘Inter Maria’ – Between the Seas. Fascism was the evolution of this desire to protect all that was good about Europe from the godless hordes of the Red Army.

Cromwell’s Puritan revolution was a forerunner for the French and Bolshevik revolutions which wreaked such havoc in Europe. The same as in the later ones, he went straight for the Catholics and their priests in particular. As soon as he had killed the King of England and taken his place, he was off to Ireland to start the massacres. By the year 1700AD 95% of all Irish land had been taken from the Irish and handed over to the Protestant English. This would eventually lead to the Irish rebellion against the Crown in the 20th century and the troubles, which would end with Ireland in an even worse position subservient to the Communist EU and with a Pakistani Prime Minister.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Fascist Cats and Bolshevik Prots – TWOR 081018


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