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Truth Will Out Radio: The Luciferian World Order – TWOR 080318

TWOR 080318

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to look back over ‘The Freemasonic Victors of WW2’ from chapter 6 onwards and review what we have discovered so far, including the Mexican revolution, the building of the pentagon and the Luciferian doctrine.

The Mexican revolution has been covered up by the establishment as it was a revolution against the church, that included the massacre of thousands of priests. It was the start of Dennis realising that it wasn’t just Christians that the Masons were after, it was specifically Catholics.

In chapter 7, he showed the link between black magic and Masonry and how the Masonic elites used rituals and occult geometry in the creation of the Pentagon, shortly before freak weather conditions prevented Russia from being liberated from Communism. As well as black magic, Freemasons are also involved in Luciferianism which isn’t so much about worshipping Satan, but more about worshipping man. 

The Luciferian doctrine is now the mainstream ideology of the progressive new world order. It preaches that man can be his own God, that there is no judgement after death, no real good or evil and that the world is just here for you to take what you can from it, without regard to anyone else. Instead of seeing Satan as the enemy of creation and mankind, he is seen as a liberator, liberating man from feeling guilt for his sins. This has been central to Freemasonry since it began, but is now so all pervasive that it even informs the school curriculum in the guise of promoting tolerance and diversity.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Luciferian World Order – TWOR 080318


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