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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 19 – ER 091218

er 091218a

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

This week’s Audio Insurgency sets off at a pace from the very first track with Elessar, who has really been showing how versatile he is recently. Houseschwitz then goes into overdrive with one of the few tunes on his ‘Glorious Master Rave’ album that doesn’t feature Adolf Hitler samples. All this dance-floor mayhem builds us up nicely for a new release from Stormking, his first for quite a while due to injury and you know it’s him right from the second those synth drums begin and the bass kicks in. Add guitar solo and hand claps and you have another Stormking classic that almost makes up for his absence.

Wolf212 winds things down with an ambient selection featuring Millennial Woes talking about how he became an anti-Semite, smoothly blending into the orchestral sounds of the Decency.

The heavenly harmonies of Too Much Gold start the guitar section off before handing over to Staatsfeind with their soundtrack to the recent Chemnitz demonstrations. A whole album has been released already by bands inspired by those events in Germany and we have two tunes from another movement compilation tonight as well, Reconquista Germanica, which is full of trad folk tunes guaranteed to get you in the mood for a White revolution. If you don’t turn the volume up for these two then you have forgotten what it means to live.

How can you follow something like that? Macht & Ehre do their best with a menacing piece of viking rock full of cascading twin guitar melodies that gets your head nodding and your feet tapping despite not understanding the language it’s sung in.

Landser have the penultimate slot with their laid-back singalong ‘Nordland’ showing how the simplest arrangements can sometimes be the most effective, while White Man’s Burden returns to finish the podcast off with a song about the hypocrisy and double standards that we see all around us.

Elessar, Stormking and Wolf212 are on Youtube
The Decency, Too Much Gold & White Man’s Burden are at Soundcloud
Housechwitz, Staatsfeind, SDF, Reconquista Germanica & Macht & Ehre are at 88.nsm
01:03 Elessar - The Fire Rises - NEW
05:47 Houseschwitz – Ressurection - NEW
09:10 Stormking - Abyssal Wayfarer - NEW
12:36 Wolf212 – Truth - NEW
14:58 The Decency – Desire - NEW
18:55 Too Much Gold – Strangers - NEW
22:40 Staatsfeind – Skinheads Chemnitz - NEW
25:58 SDF – Altermann - NEW
33:10 Reconquista Germanica – Soldnerschwein - NEW
37:33 Reconquista Germanica – Des Geyers Schwartzer Hauffen - NEW
43:30 Macht & Ehre - Es Muss Noch Starker Kommen - NEW
48:33 Landser – Nordland – RERELEASE
52:20 White Man’s Burden – Let Me Get This Straight - NEW
Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 19 – ER 091218

Download (55:41)

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