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Pelasgian Narrations: The New Bulgarian Female IV – PN 090618

pn 090618

In part 4,we finally reach the end of the small book. I hope it had some worth to at least some of you who stayed and listened.

In this final chapter, we will look at the last two articles. None of them are dated, so it is my guess that she wrote them specifically for the book. By her wording we can assume the book was published in 1944. By that time the national socialists all around all Europe were already hearing of the defeats of the Germans in the west and east. So no doubt, before publishing it she wanted to imbue the book with the ideas of national socialism at that time, so she took the effort to write these final articles. In them we notice a bit of defeatism, but also careful instructions for the future as the hope for the liberation of Europe was still burning in every country and soldier who stood on the side of the Third Reich.

In the first article. She critiques the education system, where she points out that this same system is structured only in creating future university students and not functional future citizens, with all their needs and cares. Here we can see her defeatism, as she no longer insists that the majority of women should be housewives. But she does still demand that if society wants the female to be a worker as well, then the female must be trained and educated for the professions in which women have a natural superiority and have a natural inclination.

The second article is careful instructions for the future generations. Showing them the situation of her time and by comparing that to the ideals of the “New Europe”, she clearly shows that the future generations must work for the realization of these ideals, as they are planted in nature, reason, logic, humane care and desire for a better world, while the marxist-liberal ideas are in direct opposition to it, being anti-nature, anti-reason, anti-logic and anti-human.

Presented by Pelasgian

Pelasgian Narrations: The New Bulgarian Female IV – PN 090618

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