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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Syrian Social Nationalist Party – TON 091218

ton 091218

The SSNP was founded in 1932 as a firmly National Socialist and anti-Zionist movement. Its purpose was to rid society of all the divisions that foreign powers use to dominate Syria. It’s founder was Antoun Saadeh, a Greek Orthodox Syrian executed for his revolutionary activities in Lebanon in 1949.

He says in his ‘The Genesis of Nations’
The principle “One Nation-One Society” is the basis of genuine national unity, the mark of national consciousness, and the guarantee of the life and endurance of the Syrian character. The unity of society is the basis of the community of interests and consequently the basis of the community of life. The absence of social unity entails the absence of common interests, and no resort to temporary expediency can make up for this loss. Through social unity, the conflict of loyalties and negative attitudes will disappear to be replaced by a single healthy national loyalty ensuring the revival of the nation. Similarly, all religious bigotry and their nefarious consequences will cease and in their stead national collaboration and toleration will prevail.
This summarizes the SSNP at the most fundamental level. The ethnos determines common interests. This is the "thing" to be liberated. In the third world, nationalists can see the consequences of both socialism and capitalism in a framework of national oppression. What could be more natural than National Socialism in this context?

Ultimately, Syrian National Socialism sees man as a whole. This alone makes it revolutionary: he is racial, he is ethnic, he is cultural, he is religious and he, among other things, is economic. He can't be reduced to any one thing as the Enlightenment claims. Man is an ethnic being.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Syrian Social Nationalist Party – TON 091218

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