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Truth Will Out Radio: Proof of Stalin’s War Plans – TWOR 092118

twor 092118

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to look at evidence showing Stalin was planning on invading western Europe & also what the EU’s new copyright protection bill could mean for documentary makers like Dennis.

First we hear about Malachi Martin though, who was the Rabbi’s stooge at the Vatican 2 conferences. He was paid money to lobby the Vatican to condemn anti-Semitism, which they duly did in the V2 proclamation. He was also quite a philanderer and known for having affairs. Perhaps his testimony regarding the Fatima secret does not have as much weight as before thought.

Viktor Surinov is the main source usually cited for proof of Stalin planning to invade Europe, but Dennis has found plenty more. The tanks that Stalin had built were incapable of being driven on any of Russia’s roads as they were not strong enough, they could only be used in Germany, so they were not defensive capabilities but offensive ones. Stalin’s army was all lined up ready to invade Europe on the border as well when operation Barbarossa began, which is why they were almost able to reach Moscow. There were no military forces within Russia to defend it!

The forces that went into Russia were a coalition that included Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, as well as Waffen SS units from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and all over Europe. This was not Germany trying to invade another country, this was the forces of Christian Europe fighting to liberate Russia and prevent the Soviet take over of western Europe. They did succeed in protecting the west, but they failed to free the eastern slavs.

The EUs article 11 is designed to prevent creators like Dennis from making any more documentaries. It will make it illegal to use clips from other films in the public domain to make your own new ones. This will really stifle creativity on the internet and is similar to the commotion made about sampling music when that technology became available in the eighties. The bill has one more stage to go through yet and there is plenty of opposition to it. Dennis is planning on making two more episodes of the Freemasonic Victors, so the series should be finished before this law comes into action. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Proof of Stalin’s War Plans – TWOR 092118


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