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Albion Narrations 2015: Communism in Germany Part 1

When the National Socialists took power, there were six million Communists in Germany, hell-bent on taking over the country.
Rather than being a legitimate political force, they were more like a huge criminal gang engaged in a massive conspiracy against the State and the German people.
The ones at the bottom of the pyramid were unaware of how they were being used as pawns for a foreign power.
They just thought they were striking for better wages, but they were being asked to give detailed maps of policeman’s houses, power stations and naval bases, in order to prepare for the Red Army to enter at the height of a planned uprising.
All communication was in secret code, using cyphers borrowed from the criminal underworld.
National Socialism was finally triumphant over the Marxist forces of evil and Germany was desperate to warn America before the same happened there too.
This pamphlet was produced for that purpose and includes detailed explanations of the plots that were uncovered in the process of defeating the Bolshevik traitors and terrorists.
Narrated by Sven Longshanks
Aryan Narrations 2015: Communism in Germany Part 1a


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Aryan Narrations 2015: Communism in Germany Part 1c


Communism was a way for a foreign power to overthrow the national government of a country and install its own people as the new authority.
Once in power, the former spies and traitors were to form a Cheka and NKVD, where they would then use the information they had gathered to start rounding people up and slaughtering them.
They even had double agents in the NSDAP, reporting back to central command on who was involved and where they lived.
Similar to the way Moslem terrorists are caught today with bombs planning on attacking the nations they live among, many Germans were caught with weapons and detailed plans of how they were to attack their own kinsmen, having been worked up by propaganda to hate their own brothers.
Fighting against Communism was like fighting against an enemy army made up of your own people.
It was all based around the armed uprising, which had been planned for all along, with gradually increasing agitation of the masses and distribution of weapons among them, along with targets to be taken out once the rising had begun.
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