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The Orthodox Nationalist: Jews, Kabbalah and the Protestant Reformation – TON 102418

ton 102418

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson charts the Jewish involvement in the Protestant Reformation in this week’s episode of The Orthodox Nationalist.

That the Reformation, including the early work of Martin Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and the anti-Trinitarians is a revolutionary doctrine is impossible to rationally deny and like with all revolutionary movements, it has a Jewish root and foundation.

In no way can a broadcast like this even remotely do anything other than scratch the surface of this massive topic. The Reformation destroyed Christian Europe, disintegrated the churches,  broke the unity of Europe through the ancient languages of Greek and Latin and perhaps worst of all, introduced nominalism and relativism as serious intellectual options.

The Reformation is tied to the resurrection of alchemy under Medici rule. From there, writers like Pico della Mirandola communicated the ideology of the Kabbalah to Johannes Reuchlin and from there, to Luther and his successors. Study of "Hebrew," meaning Jewish Gnosticism, flourished at this time in Germany.

The Reformation, a godsend for the merchant classes in England and Holland, blessed the world with relativism, individualism, and the natural result, the overpowering centralized state (and capitalist power) that decided what truth was. While these people railed at “superstition,” it was a selective and rehearsed indignation.

Money, alchemy, random motion, the omni-state, colonialism and the evils of industrialization, on the other hand, were seen, not as totems, but as identical with “progress.”

This revolution came from the Mesopotamian Gnosticism of the Talmud and the Zohar. They are the foundation of the Reformation and of modernity itself.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Jews, Kabbalah and the Protestant Reformation – TON 102418


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