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The Orthodox Nationalist: An Orthodox View of Fatima – TON 101018

ton 101018

Matthew Raphael Johnson published a series of articles on Fatima, asking why the Orthodox world had ignored these apparitions that for a long time have been official Catholic doctrine. After all, they make Russia the center of the world. Unsurprisingly, a month after his articles were published, Vladimir Moss published one of his own.

The central element of the Fatima Apparitions is the "consecration of Russia." Starting in 1917, several children claimed to see a woman who spoke to them. Only later did this woman become "Mary." It wasn't until 1929 when the apparition stated that if "Russia isn't consecrated to my immaculate heart," 9/10 of the globe's population will be wiped out due to "Russia's errors."

Thus, this is the official ideology of the church of Rome. It fell into the ancient heresy of millennialism. Once Russia is converted, utopia will be realized. Free will can be overridden and the church of Rome will reign supreme. The world will come to Catholicism. All other institutions will immediately give way to the juggernaut of the Roman papacy. Sin will disappear and all injustice will be destroyed. There will be no more wars, sickness or suffering. Russia alone stands in the way.  This is the subject of Pius XI own writings as well as Pope John Paul II.

When, at any time in the past, did the church of Rome accept such a bizarre theory? There will be no “end times” if the “consecration” is accomplished. There will be no suffering. It is almost a Catholic version of the rapture. If it is not done, “9/10 of the human race will be wiped out.” Mary's “immaculate heart” holds the world hostage. Why have so few noticed this?

In this broadcast, Johnson cites from several Fatima conferences organized by the late Nicholas Gruner and the "Fatima Crusader" network. The bizarre ideology of Fatima is one of the things that drove Johnson from the Roman church.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: An Orthodox View of Fatima – TON 101018


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