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Truth Will Out Radio: The Final Stages IV – TWOR 102618

twor 201618

Dennis Wise joins Sven Longshanks to discuss the final episode of ‘Freemasonic Victors’ including topics such as Adam Weishaupt, Aleister Crowley and the principles of Communism.

The last victory of the National Socialists in World War Two was not the advance into Russia, but the prevention of the Red Army from taking Berlin until after the first of May.

This traditional day of festivities was hijacked by the Communists in 1904 and turned into the day of the proletariat, where ‘workers’ of the world were to unite and demand Communism for all.

One of their demands on the day was for universal peace, but the principles of Communism as laid out by Engels state that social reorganisation can only be achieved through violence at the national and international level.

Other demands were for all rules to be lifted so man could do whatever he likes. This can be traced back to Adam Weishaupt, who believed that man was not able to express his true nature because of moral restraints.

This idea would then be taken further by Aleister Crowley, who decreed that instead of listening to your conscience, you should just do whatever your passions dictate.

Crowley worked for the British secret police and despite his wickedness being fully exposed to the public, he was still lauded by the media and today is a hero to many celebrities.

When we look around and see how corrupt the world is, it is a sign that people like Crowley and Weishaupt are no longer trying to overturn the government but are now in the halls of power, which is exactly what St Paul predicted would happen and confirms to us that Christ and his apostles were telling us the truth.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: The Final Stages IV – TWOR 102618


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