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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 28 – ER 111418

ER 111418

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

We take a moment to honour the fallen at the start of this week’s Audio Insurgency, before going back in time for some prehistoric techno from Paleowolf, all atmospheric single horn notes and pounding drums made from tree trunks and mammoth skins. 

Leiptr follow that up with an optimistic slice of eighties-pop featuring Richard Spencer, it’s a shame these guys don’t appear to have produced anything since this high point in their career.

Forerunner is new to us here but his music is bound to appeal, spooky strings, a menacing bassline and a steady beat that conjures up images of row upon row of NS soldiers marching mechanically on to battle.

FemaCampBandLeader has an awesome new tune for us, it takes a while to get your brain synced into it but once it does, this really takes you somewhere. The lead solo is like improvised jazz guitar at it’s best playing over a funky backbeat with darksynth stabs interwoven through it, this is the closest you will get to actually being in the Star Wars canteena.

Halinder continues the space theme with his Buundurub project and the bizarrely titled ‘Cosmic Pubes’, perhaps in reference to the Birkeland currents that feature so heavily in Electric Universe Theory. This is one of his more up-tempo offerings, lots of percussion and bass that sounds like someone pounding a sheet of metal.

Skalski takes the industrial theme further with the organised cacophony of ‘Evol’ which soon solidifies into some well put together and innovative drum and bass action with a definite edge to it.

Sleipnir respond to that with a beautiful ballad for Germany that reminds us of the emotional depth the White man can convey through his music. This track has a wonderful lilting acoustic solo in the middle to listen out for.

Powerwolf aren’t Nationalists, but they do use a lot of our themes in their songs such as this one, which features a battling crusader monk in the video. The archetype of the crusader defending the faith from the Moslem hordes runs through our veins, the ‘Call of the Blood’ as Arland Bran puts it, in his Hawkwind inspired song that reminds us of our holy bloodline and divine heritage.

NordSonne begin with the sort of melody you would expect to hear around a mediaeval communal fire which is soon accompanied by death metal guitars and double bass drums for an epic Russian folk metal outing, swiftly followed by outstanding Polish band Huzar who sound heavy as a cast-lead Panzer tank.

Its been a while since we heard any viking metal and Einherjer from Norway don’t disappoint, their track gallops along at just the right pace with plenty of melodic guitar licks and time changes. Renitenz keep to the high production values with their melancholy acoustic cover version of Weisse Wolf’s ‘Ruhm und Ehre’ and Swedish indie duo Lilou and John finish the selection off with one of their more accessible creations, a love song about how they met.

Paleowolf, Femacampbandleader & Buubdruub are at Soundcloud
Powerwolf and Lilou and John are at Youtube
Einherjer are on Indie Recordings
Renitenz are at 88nsm

00:25 The Last Post
01:56 Paleowolf – Feral Spirit - NEW
07:34 Leiptr - Strategicadvisorwave
11:24 Forerunner - Geist
14:35 Femacampbandleader – Conditioning Status Broken - NEW
23:35 Buubdurub - Cosmic Pubes
27:13 Skalski - Evol
32:38 Sleipnir - Fur Mean Land
38:21 Powerwolf - The Sacrament of Sin - NEW
41:44 Arland Bran - Call of the Blood
46:09 Nord Sonne - Glory and Ashes
50:33 Huzar - Lotnik
54:47 Einherjer - Kill the Flame - NEW
59:16 Renitenz - Ruhm Und Ehre - NEW
04:47 Lilou & John - Soft Collision – NEW VIDEO

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 28 – ER 111418


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