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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 30 – ER 112918

er 112818

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

The series is 30 episodes in and still the audio insurgency continues unabated, with eight cracking new tunes for you tonight ranging from soft jazz to speed metal and all at the peak of perfection.

Eternal Reich starts proceedings with his most popular tune ‘Awaken’, a slow burning synth wave classic that builds to a crescendo with a screaming guitar solo, leading the way into a new live song from Tommy 86 with more of a darksynth feel to it than his more recent offerings, but still featuring the vocoder.

TourDeForce really do have a knack of writing the catchiest hook lines and their latest is no exception, this is how euro-pop sounds when it’s a straight White patriot writing it, far better than anything you’ll ever hear coming out of Europe’s capital city nightclubs. Xurious is next with one of the best from his back catalogue, how long can he go without releasing anything new? Don’t let Youtube beat you Xurious.

New signing to OPOS records Killuminati start the metal section off with plenty of time changes, hard riffing and a triumphant chorus, tight drumming and a classical sounding bridge and then it’s time to play ‘spot the singer’ with RAC super-group Grenadier and their anthem to the nations of Europe ‘Identity’.

Bagpipes and Hungarian folk mix it up with the metal for a toe-tapping ballad courtesy of Romantikus Eroszak and Act of Violence get your head nodding with a Green Day style singalong, before we really crank up the Marshalls for Sturmwehr.

Time for a brief break in the pace for some country and western old time boogie with great lyrics from Secession and then we are back to the double kick drums and mosh pit for some tasty hardcore from Flak, nicely merging into Oracle 23’s Dying Brain, which has great vocals, great guitar and a catchy chorus.

Darkest Sky returns with a melancholy eulogy for the real men of old and Alison Chabloz winds things up with a slow jazz rendition of ‘Lying Thieves’ – you can pick your target from many for the subject matter of this one. 

Tommy 86 and Darkest Sky are at Soundcloud
Killuminati, Flak, Oracle 23 and TourDeForce are on Youtube
Secession and Sturmwehr are at 88nsm

00:36 Eternal Reich - Awaken!
05:51 Tommy 86 - Animus and Assimilation (Live) – NEW
10:16 TourDeForce – The Last Song – NEW
14:50 Xurious - Convergence Of Catastrophies
19:08 Killuminati - Befreie deinen Geist – NEW
23:49 Grenadier II – Identity
28:52 Romantikus Eroszak - Outlaw Ballad (Betyarballada)
32:26 Act Of Violence - Frei Statt Bunt
35:47 Sturmwehr - Islam Heisst Frieden – (Islam Means Peace) - NEW
41:10 Secession - Faith, Hope & Charity - NEW
44:37 Flak – Keepers of the Race – NEW
49:09 Oracle 23 - Dying Brain
53:39 Darkest Sky – The Rape of the Rose – NEW
57:09 Alison Chabloz - Lying Thieves – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 30 – ER 112918


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