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The Orthodox Nationalist: A Brief Glossary of Terms – TON 112118

ton 112118

Dr Johnson breaks down some of the technical terms that he uses that have different meanings in philosophy and religion.

This lecture goes back to the basics. It defines some of the basic terms used by academic philosophers and political scientists. They are taken for granted by professionals in the field, but they can be mystifying for newcomers.

Amateurs can easily be spotted when they incorrectly use the technical vocabulary in a field. This vocabulary is made up of words usded often in normal speech, but mean something entirely different when used in these fields.

The terms here include idealism, quality versus quality, empiricism versus rationalism, rights, symbolism, Positivism, critique, linear, progress, heart, reason versus logic, historicism, free will, materialism, civic nationalism and many others.

These terms are common ones, but don't mean the same in philosophy or academic history as they do in normal speech. Reading an academic work without knowing the meaning of these words is fruitless and meaningless. The pseudo-intellectual uses these terms to sound smart, but couldn't use them properly if there was a gun to his head. This lecture is to arm our people against these types and hopefully, to make fools of them in public.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: A Brief Glossary of Terms – TON 112118


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