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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Doctrine of the 'Aerial Toll Houses' – TON 110718

ton 110718

After a brief summary of the US midterm elections and a mockery of elections as such, Dr Johnson changes gears and goes into an analysis of a doctrine that has been divisive among the Orthodox of the 20th century, especially in Russia: that of the "Aerial Toll Houses."

Put in the simplest terms, The Toll Houses are mini-court proceedings which the soul, after death, must endure on its ascent to Heaven. Each Toll specializes in a specific sin: one is for anger, the other murder, etc. Demons argue as the prosecution, while good angels defend the soul. If a sin remains without its corresponding repentance, the soul is dragged to Hell. This is seen as a basic representation of the particular judgement. In modern times, this theory was developed by the great

Fr. Seraphim Rose of Platina, California. Fr. Seraphim was a great man and missionary, but like all of us, made some errors. This one shouldn't harm our view of his work as a whole and our esteem for Fr. Seraphim remains untouched. It is however, a false and misleading doctrine.

This broadcast is an analysis of the reasons, both theological and practical, why this doctrine should be rejected in its literal sense. If it is not meant in an literal sense, then it becomes a very confusing metaphor for the judgment that bears no resemblance to the reality. Metaphors are to illuminate, not confuse.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Doctrine of the 'Aerial Toll Houses' – TON 110718


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