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The Orthodox Nationalist: Russian Hoax Exposer Acquitted – TON 112818

ton 112818

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson details the first trial under Russia’s notorious holocaust denial law, which ended up being overturned, and then revisits the gulf of Tonkin incident.

Today's broadcast will be split into two half hour segments. The first is on the Russian "Holocaust denial" law, which is nothing of the kind. A man was just acquitted of "denial" under the law. In fact, it's a law protecting the state from subversion and isn't necessarily aimed at World War II and doesn't mention Jews at all. It cannot be used against scholarship of any kind.

The second half will be revisiting the famed Gulf of Tonkin incident. While the first incident on August 2nd 1964 was indisputably true, many believe the second was a false flag. However, there is substantial evidence it was not. False flags and hoaxes certainly exist, but there's now good reason to believe the Tonkin crisis isn't one of them.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Russian Hoax Exposer Acquitted – TON 112818


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