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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 34 (Best of 2018) – ER 122618

ER 122618

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Eternal Reich is joined by Sven Longshanks to pick out and play the best tunes of the year and discuss why it is they stood out from all the rest of the music produced by pro-White and passive-White artists in 2018.

2018 was the year fashwave really matured with lots of new creators appearing and all crediting Xurious as an influence, so the first track features him and one of the year’s new artist’s Elessar, showing how guitars can really add to and beef up the synthwave sound.

Eternal Reich does similar with his tune, but builds it around a traditional patriotic folk song for an added bonus.

Vanryth first came to our attention with this track which has stood the test of time getting multiple plays throughout the year, probably due to his original use of a guitar sound, only not played on a guitar.

Vanguard created arguably the most uplifting tune of the year, you even come away from listening to it with a belief in a better day just around the corner.

Anthem of the year has to go to The Decency with his Brexit song, which is still moving to hear months after it was first released.

Elessar’s sound rapidly evolved and the production got tighter culminating in the release of his first album, the title track of which we thought best to represent him here.

FemaCampBandLeader really broke the mould with his offering, you don’t often hear jazz influences in synthwave and never as well put together as this superb piece of aryan synth doodling.

Kangz of Blitz soon turned into a regular on the show with their unique Swedish blend of High NRG disco mixed with nazi samples and we chose this one for the William Pierce voice-over.

Mistreat celebrated 20 years in the music business this year and the stand out track from their album has to be ‘Side by Side’ a singalong dedicated to the brave soldiers of Finland who fought the red army.

Sokya Peruna blew us away with their blend of Metallica meets Abba, not something that sounds like it would work on paper but is genuine audio paradise for the ears.

Regnat Horrendum hits all the top marks with this track, symphony orchestra – check, ultra fast and ultra heavy – check, quality production where you can hear every tinkle on the cymbal – check.  

Reconquista Germanica managed to capture the atmosphere of a patriotic German beer festival and condense it into 4 minutes of folk rock, this track is guaranteed to make you annoy the neighbours with it.

It was really hard to choose the best folk metal tune of the year, but in the end that had to go to Radogost, the way the fiddles on this interplay with the guitars has to be heard to be believed.

Hulkoff will make you sit up in your seat and question just what instruments it is you are hearing, in this blistering metal soundtrack to a Scythian raiding party.

White Man’s Burden was banned by Soundcloud and we haven’t been able to find him since, which is a real shame because their singer has a great voice and the band write excellent protest rock with clever lyrics like those to this one.

‘Runes Above the Sea’ was the first we heard from Darkest Sky and it is still the most memorable of his ballads and he went on to release a song a week and now has an album for sale on Spotify.

There really was not enough time to put all the best tunes on here, we had to leave out Stormking, Cybernazi, Bloodshed Walhalla, Kylfingar and many others, but we still managed to fill 90 minutes with the best Nationalist music you will ever find in one place.

01:37 Xurious and Elessar - The Hero With A Thousand Faces
07:57 Eternal Reich - Oak, Fash & Thorn
12:42 Vanryth – Automotive
18:12 Vanguard - A Brighter Dawn
21:57 The Decency - Brexit Song
28:05 FemaCampBandLeader - Conditioning_Status-Broken
38:00 Elessar - Men Among The Ruins
43:27 Kangz of Blitz - Cosmopolitan Goulash
47:28 Mistreat - Side by Side
52:49 Sokya Peruna - Thunder Riders
59:21 Regnat Horrendum - The Ferocious Storm Over The Mist Of Madness
05:22 Reconquista Germanica - Soldnerschwein
10:50 Radogost - Kiedy Cię Moje Oplotą Sny
16:17 Hulkoff - Scyth
20:28 White Mans Burden - Diversity is our Demise
24:40 Darkest Sky - Runes Above the Sea

Presented by Eternal Reich and Sven Longshanks

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 34 (Best of 2018) – ER 122618


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