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The Orthodox Nationalist: Historical Frauds, Chernobyl and Korean Air 007 – TON 121918

ton 121918

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at how the distortion in the news reporting of two major events, helped lead to the collapse of the USSR.

These two events were front page news in the US in 1983 and 1986 respectively. They helped bring down the USSR. While this is not a terrible thing, they are mostly propaganda myths.

The official story of KAL007 was that the Soviets shot down a passenger airliner heading to South Korea for no reason. The truth is that two planes took off for Alaska, both spy planes, one manned and the other unmanned.

They went over six military installations in Kamchatka and the island of Moneron. The Japanese Air Force records have demolished the American version of events. The entire story is a lie.

Chernobyl was the biggest story of 1986, possibly eclipsing the Challenger disaster. It too helped bring down the USSR and spur Ukrainian independence. The truth is that it was destroyed by a large bomb, possibly nuclear. No other explanation is possible. Nuclear reactors aren't weapons grade, they don't "explode." The Hasidic Chabad organization calls it "their Chernobyl miracle," having occurred on Purim, 1986.

While Yuri Andropov scored a propaganda victory by manipulating the naïve Samantha Smith, he lost this boost in popularity in 1983. While the ruling class had no problems financing the USSR, the Reagan administration wanted it destroyed. He was condemned for his "warlike" actions at the time, though he's "praised" for his work today.

Everything that the average educated American or Englishman thinks about the world is a fantasy. They live in a dream world.


Presented  by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Historical Frauds, Chernobyl and Korean Air 007 – TON 121918


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