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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 37 – ER 011619

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of new synthwave this week, plus plenty of trad folk and new tunes from old favourites Rome, Wolcensman and Regnat Horrendum.

Our host kicks things off with a revisit to one of his own futuristic cyberpunk pieces from last year that now has a video to go with it, before pagan black metal band Bilskirnir try their hand at a bit of atmospheric synthwave set to the rhythm of a heart beat.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security though, Hundred Crusades will soon wake you out of your trance with a burst of harsh industrial techno leading into two new tunes from Kangz of Blitz, showing a slight darksynth influence in the first before the familiar syn-drums and hand claps kick in and the second adds strings and the voice of a narrator.

Mussolinidreams winds things down with a cross between hip hop and vaporwave before Odins Anglar gets in on the crossover action by mixing synths with folk melodies to finish the week’s synth section.

Time for some NSBM with Stahlfront who have a really polished sound combined with great melodies and innovative guitar work. Romantikus Eroszak follow that with a bag-pipe anthem from Hungary to keep you on your toes and not to be outdone, Parom keep the folk vibe going by adding accordion and a breakneck speed drum beat.

Huzar are remembering the battle of Thermopylae set to melodic metal and Regnat Horrendum have been working with the orchestra again for their latest offering, which features brass, strings, piano and a funky as hell bass line that even surpasses their previous outings.

Rome sound like a modern version of Johnny Cash and this has hints of ‘Hurt’ in the melody, singing about scattering the sheep with one lion’s roar, just like the activist who sends the politicians hysterical by speaking the truth.

We finish with Wolcensman this week who have just released the first song from their new album, featuring classical folk melodies and modern vocal harmonies that will take you back to the lady in the lake and the era of knights and chivalry.
Bilskirnir and Regnat Horrendum are at 88nsm
Hundred Crusades, Kangz of Blitz and Mussolinidreams are at Soundcloud
Wolcensman and Rome are on Youtube

00:37 Eternal Reich – With Extreme Prejudice
03:09 Bilskirnir - Victoria Solis – NEW
11:36 Hundred Crusades – Lightning Invasion - NEW
15:05 Kangz of Blitz - A Beast They Wrought - NEW
19:39 Kangz of Blitz - Merchants of Shuggay (Amalek vs Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg) - NEW
22:43 Mussolinidreams – White Kids Say Nibba - NEW
25:09 Odins Anglar - Svensk Forsvarssang
28:23 Stahlfront - Freivolk
33:32 Romantikus Eroszak - Betyarballada
37:09 Parom - Predurceny k boju
40:28 Huzar - Polskie Termopile
46:09 Regnat Horrendum - The Book Of Liars - NEW
50:36 Rome – One Lion’s Roar – NEW
54:31 Wolcensman – Lady of the Depe – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 37 – ER 011619


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