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The Orthodox Nationalist: Lies and Myths About the Anti-Communists of Latin America II – TON 012319

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at Bolivia, Argentina and Pinochet in this second look at South American anti-Communist military regimes.

These two lectures have proven that military governments were the only guard against the total hollowing-out of Latin American economies to either communist revolution or liberal capitalism. The limited ideological vocabulary of the US military and intelligence community show an obtuse ignorance incapable of understanding that national socialism (not Hitlerism) is a viable and successful form of government. Over and over, these dictators were called “communist” by these ignorant bureaucrats, but each one created a prosperous society.

Unfortunately, the successes of these states have all been undone when IMF-supported banana republics were restored at the insistence of the US and the banks that rule it. Argentina and Peru were close to first world status when their militaries were forced out. In 2019, Latin America remains in poverty, crime and drowning in drugs in the name of “democracy” and “human rights.” Regardless of whether leftists, “socialists,” or liberals come to power, the results are all the same. Capitalist and communist governments create ignorance and dependency. They lead to irrational economics that benefit elites far, far away. Buzzwords and prejudice have led to the destruction of a whole continent.

It's time for the stupidity to end. Liberal democracy is a fraud.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Lies and Myths About the Anti-Communists of Latin America II – TON 012319


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