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The Orthodox Nationalist: Marxism is Leninism – TON 010219

ton 010219

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson takes a look at attempts to revive Marxism and particularly Lenin, by claiming the USSR wasn’t really ‘true’ Communism.

In a few months, The Barnes Review will be publishing “Life Has Become More Joyous” – Revisionist Essays on Soviet History, by Dr. Johnson. The title was taken from an article on Stalin in Pravda claiming that life in the USSR "had become more joyous" since he had taken over. 

Part of the thesis and overall argument will be presented in this broadcast.

In the ongoing effort to rehabilitate Lenin, the American ruling class and its academics continue to insist that Soviet socialism was “distorted” by Stalin, implying that Lenin wasn't the violent terrorist Stalin was. It is rare to find a dissenting view on this, especially from university presses.

The New York Times eulogized Marx in their long article commemorating the 200th anniversary of his birth. Hack professor Jason Barker helped secure his job by titling his piece, “Happy Birthday Karl! You were Right!”

The truth is that in terms of tactics and revolutionary ideology, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were identical in all respects. Throughout the “Cold War,” the American university served as a repository for Marxist thought in various guises. Once Stalin's crimes were too great to cover up and once Khrushchev's infamous speech to the Party was made public,  the tactic of distinguishing Lenin from Stalin began both inside and outside the USSR.

Regardless, the typical pseudo-intellectual professor will tell you piously that the USSR “wasn't true socialism,” to which one might reply that the west "isn't true capitalism." This is a dishonest rhetorical device to rescue Marxism and communism from its actual consequences.  When it comes to terrorism, violence and tyranny, Marx, Lenin and Stalin were of one mind.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Marxism is Leninism – TON 010219


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