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Truth Will Out Radio: The Kristallnacht False Flag – TWOR 012519

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise answer questions about Bitcoin, Kristallnacht, the Waffen SS and how Communism took over South America.

There are hundreds of comments left at Dennis’ new video and these come from there. People are unsure how to use bitcoin so a brief guide is given at first.

After that there is a discussion about Kristallnacht sorting out the truth from the lies. This pogrom was much exaggerated in the world’s press and it did not originate in any orders given by the leadership of the NSDAP. If anything, it looks like a false flag event as the Germans were desperate to break the Jewish boycott on their trade and wanted to appear friendly towards the Jews.

The Waffen SS was made up of young Nationalists from all over Europe that wanted to defend the continent from Bolshevism. They all fought in the East and not against their own nations and the sheer size of the numbers shows how much support there was for this endeavour. They would have succeeded in liberating the East as well if it had not been for the treacherous alliance between the allies and Soviet Russia.

The West soon realised their mistake after the war and funded anti-Communist initiatives around the world, but it was too late by then. The Soviet Union was able to fund revolutionaries in Africa and South America and this combined with their infiltration of the Catholic church in Latin America led to Communist regimes taking power there.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Truth Will Out Radio: The Kristallnacht False Flag – TWOR 012519


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