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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 43 – ER 022719

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

An exclusive new tune by Eternal Reich finishes off a podcast bursting with fresh new pro-White and passive-White talent from Siberia to America, including plenty of innovative new ideas and styles along the way.

1488 (now named 21) starts things off with a track heavily influenced by his previous work but with a faster tempo and plenty of French vocal samples, setting the stage nicely for the jaunty house sounds of Andreas Johansson, also featuring some great clips of speech taken from the mainstream media’s coverage of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

The smooth grooves of GR Led add some sophistication to the mix, laid back sounds of the summer to go with the recent glorious weather in Europe and then we are back to the spring again seeing ‘Hummocks in the Fog’ with old favourite Halindir.

Master Boot Record has been hammering out loads of video game cover versions recently and this week it’s the turn of Castlevania to get the synth metal symphony treatment.

We promised you innovation and Skalski certainly ticks that box, beware, this next track may cause you to jump out of your skin at one point.

Vanguard is back after taking an extended break with a much darker and more complex sound than before, but still with a good ear for a melody.

Vrilldom from Argentina start the guitar section off with some frantic riffing and drum pounding, reminiscent of Strahor’s ‘Fall of Arkona’ with hypnotic melodies playing over the top of the back beat.

DDT sound like the sort of band that would be great live, with a catchy chorus begging to be sung along with and then it’s time for more innovation from Arditi, who have an ambient sort of industrial style. This is one of the more rhythmic ones from their album.

Emmett Brown is more of a synthwave artist, but he’s teamed up with Death’s Gate for some synth-metal tasked with bashing synthwave, which as Reich says, can be embarrassingly awful sometimes.

Asenblut bring back the harmonies and twin guitars for some Maiden influenced metal and Blood Libel from Canada have an almost psychedelic death metal style similar to Black Magick SS, great stuff.

Finally we have an exclusive new tune from Eternal Reich to whet your appetite for the upcoming album, which starts with a burst of distortion and solidifies into an epic guitar solo backed by a male voice choir.

1488 (21), GR led, Halindir, Master Boot Record, Skalski, Vanguard and Death’s Gate are at Soundcloud
Vrilldom are at Youtube
Blood Libel are at 88nsm

00:36 1488 – Europa – NEW (test mix)
04:41 Andreas Johansson - Not Jewish
08:08 GR Led – Only Love - NEW
14:46 Halindir – Hummocks in the Fog – NEW
15:34 Master Boot Record – Castlevania Vampire Killer - NEW
19:25 Skalski – Something Soulless - NEW
23:12 Vanguard – Re:Generation – NEW
28:13 Vrilldom – Whispers of Minne - NEW
33:33 D.D.T. - 28 Ottobre 2033
36:33 Arditi - Nicht Mehr Schande - NEW
41:26 Death’s Gate Featuring Emmett Brown – Synthwave is Lame AF – NEW
43:32 Asenblut - Berserker Rage
48:08 Blood Libel - Only One Way to Win Back Our Nations - NEW
55:05 Eternal Reich - Salve Regina – EXCLUSIVE

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 43 – ER 022719


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