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The Orthodox Nationalist: Adam Kadmon as ‘Antichrist’ – TON 021319

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson exposes the roots of the Kabbalah in antediluvian occultism and it’s links to the enlightenment and modern day science.

Major Jewish writers and the collections of the Jewish Virtual Library have stated that the Enlightenment was the beginning of the Messianic era. Jewish mythology is deeply indebted to the Egyptian and Babylonian. Our "Satan" derives from Set, "he who is pleased with destruction." Satan is at the core of the Kabbalah and the "messiah" is his instrument.  Jewish nationalist writers such as Michael Laitman hold that the Kabbalah is modern science and vice versa. The Messiah, according to him, will be created by technology in it’s ushering in of paradise. Evolutionism finds its root in this Babylonian Judaism, where “God” is considered as identical with the Unified Field Theory. The Zohar claims that the earth is 15.3 billion years old and is continually expanding.  The “Torah Science Foundation” says the same. This Messiah is symbolized by Adam Kadmon, the "mystic body" of the Kabbalistic system.

“God” among the Jews has no resemblance to the Old Testament. Judaism has long rejected the Tanakh, as well as the prophets, as “outdated.” The most Orthodox of Jews reject the literal reading of the Old Testament and find their truth only in the Zohar and related texts. Moses Hess stated that evolution in science is “pure Kabbalah.” But at its root, the resurrection of the ancient antediluvian and later Babylonian science and alchemy lies at the root of modernity and is what separates modern from Greco-Roman and medieval science.

Technology is the final end of the Kabbalah and its infusion into the rationalism is modernity. Technology is the product of modern science and modernity generally. Modernism, in short, is the imposition of the Zohar and it’s metaphysics on the western world for the goal of transforming nature into technology, the Tikkun olam, fixing the world. Marxism, liberalism, materialism, nominalism, capitalism, “markets” and the whole vocabulary of modern ideology has it’s center in Judaism and the Kabbalah.

In the mythology of the Kabbalah, the symbol of this is the New Man, Adam Kadmon, it is he who appears after God has been abandoned. He is the summation of all the revolutions in the modern world.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Adam Kadmon as ‘Antichrist’ – TON 021319


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