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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 46 – ER 032019

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Epic folk and death metal tunes tonight from Scotland & Belarus, plus the usual classy synthwave and innovation from the race that invented electricity and amplification in the first place.

Good Joe kicks things off with a bass heavy retro number featuring Judge Dredd samples and an early nineties feel, followed by an Amalec remix of an earlier release with strings and male voice choir.

Dagaz are also into their remixes, this is their a drum and bass version of an identity ballad which works really well, they should do more of these

Ghost Producer Division is back and getting on the Yang train with a highly polished slice of R and B laced with funky bass and a catchy hook line.

Halindir has another expedition to the stars for us if the form of his Buubdurub project, lots of percussion, church organ and ethereal harmonies.

Skalski is hitting the industrial vibe this week with an monster track of his that takes in just about every genre you can think of, this could be played at a metal gig, disco or rave and go down well at each.

Triptidon are going for a menacing dark synth sound, full of helicopter bass, time changes and harmonising that ensures your attention doesn’t wander.

Wolfsschanze is back with a slow builder featuring lots of recognisable sounds from his first EP built into a new framework of fascist vaporwave.

Vermaechtnis start the guitar section with a classic German rock anthem full of oom papa, before Znich & Rutvica take things to another level with their epic brand of Russian folk metal full of haunting female harmonies and melancholy fiddles overlaying a crescendo of distorted guitars. Eastern Europe really blows all the competition out of the water with this stuff.

Squadron are back with a track from their new album, featuring old school punk vocals with chainsaw guitars and a solo showing that eastern fiddle influence once again.

Ruadh is a new artist from Scotland who gets his guitar to sound like bagpipes, before using male voice choir and organ to add a dash of colour to the black metal grunts and bass harmonies. You can pre-order a copy of his album at Bandcamp.

Morkvind are mixing psychedelic rock with viking metal to good effect, with catchy chorus and droning riffs taking us right back to the sixties before catapulting forward again to the double kick drums of the current year and Skullhead, who round things off with a beautiful atmospheric ballad about the forgotten slums of broken Britain.

Amalec, Ghost Producer Division, Halindir and Triptidon are at Soundcloud
Dagaz, Vermaechtnis, Znich & Rutvica & Morkvind are at 88nsm
Squadron,Good Joe, Ruadh and Wolfsschanze are at Youtube

00:46 Good Joe – Angry Nights (Remastered) – NEW
03:48 Amalec – Echipa Mortii – NEW
06:15 Dagaz - Небесная дружина – Heavenly Squad - (Remix) - NEW
10:35 Ghost Producer Division - Yang 2020 Hat - NEW
13:27 Halindir – Buubdurub – DistoDisco XX – NEW
15:36 Skalski – Love Makes Us
19:52 Triptidon – Land of Chaos - NEW
23:21 Wolfsschanze – Awakening of the Saxons - NEW
26:29 Vermaechtnis - Wenn wir erklimmen (When we Climb) - NEW
29:48 Znich & Rutvica - Ой, над Pакою (Oh, Over Pauka) – NEW
36:01 Squadron - Defend Europe - NEW
39:21 Ruadh – Sovereign – NEW
48:04 Morkvind - Nattens själ - NEW
56:11 Skullhead – Barking of the Dogs

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 46 – ER 032019


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