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Truth Will Out Radio: Himmler’s Christian Knights – TWOR 031519

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise discuss the script for part 19, which includes a look at Himmler’s views on Christianity and Paganism and the link between Germany and the Biblical Israelites.

Himmler is often put forward as a defender of Paganism and an enemy of the church, but quotes show that he remained Christian throughout his life and mocked the idea that our ancestors were daft enough to worship trees and stones.

Upon seeing the corruption of the Church by Progressives and Masons, he rejected what was called at the time ‘clericalism’ which today we would call Churchianity instead of Christianity.

The SS were not a Pagan organisation, much of what people think today was Pagan was simply an interest in ancestral tradition. The Ahnenerbe were a group of scholars who studied Aryan origins and traditions, the word means ancestral heritage, not Pagan heritage.

Later the SS would take on the same role the Teutonic Knights formerly had, that of protecting the relics, holy lance and crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire which Hitler had placed back in their traditional home of Nuremberg where they would then be displayed for pilgrimage, perhaps in anticipation of himself being crowned emperor of the Third Reich.

At no time did anyone think Jesus was ever a Jew and there is sound historical evidence for this.

There is also good evidence showing that the Germans themselves along with the other European nations are actually the Israelites of the Bible, which would explain the Jewish animosity towards us, since they are descended from the people the Bible says God rejected, the Canaanites.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Himmler’s Christian Knights – TWOR 031519


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