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Truth Will Out Radio: Rosenberg’s Church – TWOR 032919

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise debunk the video ‘God and Hitler’ which attempts to portray Hitler as being anti-Christian based on the views of some NSDAP party members.

Rosenberg and Von Schirach are most often used as examples of National Socialist antipathy towards Christianity, but both were more against the Church than Christianity itself, as to go against Christianity meant going against the NSDAP constitution.

Hitler had hoped to form a united Protestant Church of Germany along the lines of the Church of England, this was to be called ‘The Reich Church’ but plans fell through for this. Rosenberg had nothing to do with it, yet there is a document supposedly by him claiming to be 30 principles that ‘The National Reich Church’ were to adhere to. This cannot have been ‘The Reich Church’ that Hitler envisioned, as they contradict anything a Christian could go along with and many Protestants were keen to have the theorised amalgamated Church.

Rosenberg also vehemently denied that he was forming a new religion and Hitler regularly mocked those ideas of his, so these 30 points would never have been authorised by him. They may just have been ideas that Rosenberg wrote down or It may be that they are a forgery, there certainly were documents forged by the OSS to do with this subject.

Comments and questions are also answered covering Germany still being an occupied country, the difference between National Socialism and Socialism and a rumour that Goering’s wife was Jewish.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: Rosenberg’s Church – TWOR 032919


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