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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 48 – ER 040319

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Great synthwave, great metal, great folk, it must be that day of the week when we check out the latest pro-White and passive-White tunes with Eternal Reich.

Cyberthing begins with a pounding slice of darksynth from California that doubles up the pace half way though, followed by Elessar with a nu-metal synthwave crossover that would not be out of place accompanying the chase scenes in a sci-fi action movie.

Good Joe starts with sparse beats soon joined by frantic percussive effects and organ harmonies, with each component fading out nicely at the end to reveal Fatalist’s break beats and flying saucer noises.

Isi from Iceland lets loose the Right Wing Death Squads with old school techno sounds and a booming kick drum and Misanthropix rounds off the synth section with a funky excursion into cyberpunk.

Znich introduces us to the guitars with a Metallica influenced tune topped with traditional pipes and strings, followed by the frantic riffing and desiccated vocals of German NSBM band Todesmarsch.
The Yardbombs take us back to the eighties for a breakneck speed version of two Skrewdriver classics blended into one medley that is guaranteed to get you smiling at the lyrics.

Sorus from Estonia have got that viking metal beat going on, singing in their native language with a great guitar solo and Nordglanz return for an NSBM folk metal mashup crying out to be let loose at a live gig.

Power metal next from Ex Umbra In Solem, with plenty of time changes and those male vocal harmonies that Germans are experts at creating, set to crunchy guitars and punchy drums.

Bataillon 500 are riding the thunder of the drums too, with call and response vocals in a Lemmy style and Darkest Sky rounds the set off with tom toms and organ, accompanying his recognisable voice singing of our fallen world and the cause of it.

Elessar, Sorus, Fatalist and Ex Umbra In Solem are at Youtube
Good Joe and Isi are at Soundcloud
The Yardbombs and Nordglanz are at 88.nsm

00:54 Cyberthing – Devastation
04:34 Elessar - Dacian Wolf Music – NEW
08:10 Good Joe – Assault - NEW 
11:38 Fatalist – Silent Insurgency - NEW
14:46 Isi – March of Death - NEW
18:45 Misanthropix – Democide 
22:23 Znich - Krumkach 
26:25 Todesmarsch - Heldengeist
32:49 The Yardbombs - Skrewdriver Medley 2 (There'll Be White Power When The Boats Come In) - NEW
36:09 Sorus - Kui sa seda kõike tead (If You Know all This) – NEW
39:46 Nordglanz - Der Schachter - NEW 
44:44 Ex Umbra In Solem (Shade From the Sun) – E.U.I.S - NEW 
51:15 Bataillon 500 - Heldenopfer
55:25 Darkest Sky – Vision and the Mystery – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 48 – ER 040319


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