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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 50 – ER 041719

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Not so much synthwave this week, but what we do have is top quality, plus modern and classic RAC, Swedish Viking rock, trad folk and some fantastic Scottish death metal to finish.

Cyberthing gets things off to a fine start with a banging remix by Hubrid that takes the track to another level with it’s thrash guitars and then we slow the pace down for some laid back sophisticated house grooves from GR Led to get your head nodding.

Storm King seems to have disappeared from social media so here’s an old favourite from him with a balearic vibe and Pink Floyd guitar leading into a classic retrowave piece from Modernicide.

Ursinne from Sweden break up the synthnotic trance with melodic nu-metal before RAC legends Squadron start a metal singalong with an unmistakable British voice, all hail our ancestors.

Lemovice from France get their guitars to sound like violins with a sense of impending urgency and then it’s back to Britain for a catchy remastered classic from Brutal Attack with lead guitar up front in the mix.

Next up is a cover version from Spain’s Batallón de Castigo for an upcoming compilation album which starts out old school metal, before breaking into some nice kick drum action with a seventies guitar solo.

Estonia’s inspirational Preserve White Aryans are singing about fighting together with their brother nation Finland and sounding not unlike Mistreat and after that it’s the epic viking rock of Sweden’s Morkvind, taken from their recent album full of innovative sea shanties like this one. It’s really amazing how you become able to guess what nation a band comes from just from hearing the singing style, after listening to so much European Nationalist music from all around the world.

Peste Noire from France have a tribute to the yellow vests recorded live a couple of months back and we saved the best until last for you, with the stand out track from Ruadh’s new album, death metal with triumphant synths, choral harmonies and plenty of Scottish influence.

Squadron are at 88.nsm
Lemovice, Ursinne, Ruadh and Peste Noir are at youtube
Batallón de Castigo are at rac-forum

00:48 Cyberthing – Sinister Generation (Hubrid remix)
03:08 GR Led - Revelation
10:58 Storm King - Vapor Lounge 2048
16:03 Modernicide – Life is a Struggle
19:32 Ursinne – Luftslott - NEW
22:24 Squadron - Sacred Bloodlines - NEW
26:43 Lemovice  -  Little Boy - NEW
31:09 Brutal Attack - The Mask We Wear
36:26 Batallón de Castigo - Ragazzi in Nero - NEW
39:46 Preserve White Aryans - Brothernations
42:51 Morkvind - Northstar
48:47 Peste Noire - Gilets Jaunes (Spirit of 1871) - NEW
53:19 Ruadh – Waiting – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 50 – ER 041719


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