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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 52 – ER 050119

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

It’s the one year anniversary of Eternal Reich’s Audio Insurgency and the music just keeps getting better, we have seven new tunes tonight ranging from dreamwave & ethno-ambient all the way up NSBM & the most amazing classic Russian folk song.

Twenty One starts the show and he is really starting to carve out a unique sound for himself, uplifting dream like melodies with vocal effects and understated drums, this stuff can be played time and again without tiring of it.

Triptidon gets the bass pumping out of the speakers alongside menacing synth guitar chords and a retro melody, leading into Motley, who is using effects-laden strings and a church organ to set a catchy melody to the beat. 

Cult of Neon starts with what sounds like a cyber sitar before the bass kicks in and we are into darksynth territory, before taking off with Cybernazi for some classic fashwave from 2016 courtesy of the auditory optimism that is ‘Aryan Future’.

Liholesie has been away for ages and now he is back with some great shamanic beats and traditional Russian instruments to take you on a journey into the ‘Dream Circle’, while Bulldog Breed bring us out of the trance with an inspirational ballad about racial destiny.

Delerium start with anthemic beginnings that build to a crescendo, before dropping down a gear for a viking metal beat in anticipation of doubling the tempo and letting rip, after which Blutzeugen take to the stage with their tribute to Rudolf Hess, featuring amazing lead guitar work matched only by the drumming.

Absurd are up next with a death metal cover version of Florian Geyer’s lied, guaranteed to get you singing along and punching the air, swiftly followed by Alfar’s super fast riffing and crystal clear production on ‘Valkyries’ Song’, check out those cymbal tinkles.

Ursinne from Sweden are fast becoming a regular on the show due to their versatility, each song of theirs seems different to the last, this one is melodic metal with plenty of chunky riffing and then it’s time to calm things down with some finger picking acoustic guitar and soft male harmonies courtesy of Spreegeschwader.

Last tune of the night is an old Russian folk song that will blow your socks off, White men have been harmonising like this for millennia and people think Black folks started this style.

Twenty One, Cult of Neon and Liholesie are at Soundcloud
Delerium, Ursinne and Absurd are at 88.nsm

01:10 Twenty One - Bravery Game - NEW
05:31 Triptidon – Lost Mankind
09:04 Motley - Digital Wheat Fields
13:32 Cult of Neon – Succubus – NEW
17:20 Cybernazi – Aryan Future
22:33 Liholesie/Sleepwalker – Dream Circle – NEW
29:45 Bulldog Breed - Proud And True
34:14 Delirium – Panzerreiter - NEW
39:41 Blutzeugen - Geheuchelte Humanitat (Noie Werte cover)
43:35 Absurd - Des Wotans Schwarzer Haufen - NEW
48:31 Alfar – Valkyries’ Song - NEW
53:22 Ursinne - Godhetens Apostlar - NEW
57:35 Spreegeschwader – Ostpreussenlied
01:39 Songs of the Volunteer POA 1943 - Behind the Mountains Beyond the Valleys

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 52 – ER 050119


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