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Truth Will Out Radio: ‘Occult Forces’ – TWOR 051019

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise continue discussing Part 20, looking at the Vichy movie ‘Occult Forces’, Magda’s final letter to Harald & how Hitler managed to get money out of the bankers due to their greed.

Conspiracy theorists say that Jews helped fund Hitler’s rise to power and they could be partially right, because Jewish bankers were sending money to Germany in the form of loans in order for the reparations to be paid. They hoped to make lots of money from the usury on them, but the Weimar government defaulted for the last 2 years and when Hitler took power, he used the money to start rebuilding the country.

Once Hitler was in power, he began his purge of Freemasonry and this continued in the countries that Germany occupied once the war broke out. In France they found support for this venture from an ex-Freemason who was originally high up in the Grand Orient of France. Thanks to him, a movie was made based on his information that exposed the Masonic subversion of the Third Republic. It showed the rituals in detail and also how the Lodges were all working to a global plan for one world government. After the war, the ex-Freemason who was also the film’s director, was executed.

Right at the war’s end, when Hitler and the Goebbels family were in the bunker, Magda wrote a final letter to her son by her first husband. In it she makes clear that the cause they were fighting for, was pure and holy.

Once more we see that right up until the end and even in their final moments, the leading National Socialists kept to their Christian faith.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Truth Will Out Radio: ‘Occult Forces’ – TWOR 051019


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