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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 58 – ER 061919

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

This week’s episode will blow your socks off right from the first track and all the way through, only the very finest cuts make it to Eternal Reich’s Audio Insurgency.

Celldweller gets things off to a furious start with a drum n bass metal crossover tune with a killer chorus that will be stuck in your head long after the podcast is finished.

Cult of Neon responds with a ferocious bassline straight out of the darkest of darksynth crypts and Iron Court keeps the onslaught going with added distortion and techno beats, just where does a DJ go from here?

Back to the last century for a synthwave masterpiece way ahead of it’s time and created by death metal maestros Nokturnal Mortum, that’s where.

Synthicide follows that up with guest vocalist NoWhiteGuilt and plenty of exotic sounds changing time half way through, to fit nicely with the pace of White Rebellion’s doom metal opening track for the metal section.

Wolfkrieg add hammer horror keyboards and kick drums in a Regnat Horrendum style while Uberzeugungstater take us back to the hard rock nineties, but with today’s production values.

An absolutely mental folk metal tune is up next courtesy of Stozhar, who are of course from Russia, followed by Meuchelmord’s audio equivalent of a firestorm and Igazsagtetel’s hardcore offering for the week.

Finland’s Reidh keep the black metal vibe going adding plenty of lead guitar melody in between the jackhammer drum breaks and Zeitnah & Wegbereiter finish it all off with an acoustic ballad laced with funky overtones.

Cult of Neon and Synthicide are at soundcloud
Meuchelmord, Igazsagtetel, White Rebellion Wolfkrieg and Zeitnah are at 88.nsm
Reidh are at rac-forum

00:34 Celldweller – End of an Empire
08:10 Cult of Neon – Netrunners – NEW
11:43 Iron Court – Burning Powder
16:23 Nokturnal Mortum - Black Moon Overture
21:23 Synthicide – Tomorrow Belongs to Us (featuring NoWhiteGuilt) – NEW
26:26 White Rebellion – Towards Degeneracy - NEW
33:23 Wolfkrieg – Wolves of Dr D - NEW
38:44 Uberzeugungstater - Das Irrenhaus Europa
42:56 Stozhar – On the Dawn Flame
47:18 Meuchelmord - Firestorm - NEW
51:13 Igazsagtetel - Modernkori Rabszolga - NEW
53:58 Reidh – Turn of Tide – NEW
00:47 Zeitnah & Wegbereiter - 1942 (Jungsturm cover) - NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 58 – ER 061919


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