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The Orthodox Nationalist: Vladimir Solovyov and the Russian Rejection of Empiricism – TON 060519

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson challenges the entire mentality behind the modern phrase ‘believe in yourself’ for the 300th episode and 10th anniversary of The Orthodox Nationalist.

This is the 300th broadcast and the 10th anniversary of the Orthodox Nationalist. Because of this, we go back to the foundations of it all, the fundamentals. Metaphysics is the fundamental “being of being.” We look at the famed Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyev (or Solovyov). Dying the same year Nietzsche did, 1900, he was his polar opposite. The greatest evil, that which is to be overcome, the whole purpose of ethics is the overcoming of self-will, or the belief that men have the capacity to “make a life for themselves.” As Chesterton said, it is the height of insanity to “believe in oneself.”

Our human nature, paltry knowledge, bias, emotions and dependency makes this absurd. The essence of Luciferianism is the belief that one can exist outside of God's law and assert the ego as an end in itself. This is a perversion of human nature.

Solovyev's critique of Positivism and empiricism came in many forms. This broadcast only had time for a few. The main issue is the observable thing, the “x,” and the form under which it was created. The Form is a Platonic term used to denote the essential structure of a thing, including its purpose and final goal. For man, this would be the rational and free acceptance of the Truth. Man is the object while his reason (and hence, his autonomy) is the Form. This is human nature.

This broadcast is the fundamental criticism of empiricism, positivism and the “scientific revolution,” my favorite targets. It explains, at the level of ontology, why the modern project is wrong and illogical.

Thank you to my supporters and friends for 300 episodes that have, apparently, had a great impact on right wing thought in the west. Thanks also to Sven, my producer, for all his many, many hours of hard, skilled labor at putting my show and all the others in working order. Radio Aryan as a whole certainly has had a great impact on right wing thought in the west and will continue to do so as our society crumbles.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Vladimir Solovyov and the Russian Rejection of Empiricism – TON 060519


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