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Truth Will Out Radio: The D-Day Invasion – TWOR 060719

Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise discuss the 75th anniversary of the invasion of France & the ill-fated dress rehearsal that saw hundreds of American troops killed by friendly fire.

Vichy France was under an armistice with Germany, the same as Northern Ireland is under an armistice today with Southern Ireland. To break that armistice is an act of terrorism, yet that is exactly what the Allies did when they invaded France. This was not a liberation, this was an invasion and the legitimate government were toppled and an unelected occupying government were put in place the same as happened in Germany.

One month before that happened, there was a dress rehearsal for the invasion of Normandy that took place on the sea off Dorset that ended in a complete fiasco. First, the flotilla was torpedoed by Germans but instead of instructing the boats to pick up the wounded in the sea, they were told to leave them.

Hundreds of sailors drowned due to this betrayal, but worse was yet to come. When the boats got to the beach, Eisenhower had instructed the British to use live ammunition and due to a mistake in timing, almost a thousand American troops were killed due to friendly fire.

There were more dead from the practice run than actually died on the beach at Utah.

Today’s media likes to mock Hitler, but what about the actions of Eisenhower, that led to all those completely needless deaths?

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Truth Will Out Radio: The D-Day Invasion – TWOR 060719


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