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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 60 – ER 070319

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Innovative sounds incoming - crossing over from death metal to rave, industrial and neo-classical, crazy Russian skinhead music and mental folk metal, Eternal Reich’s Audio Insurgency has something for everyone this week.

We begin with a blast of brutal rave from Germany’s Centhron and their funky synthwave beats, diva wails and death metal growls, before hitting a more familiar groove with Document Lambda’s animated bass line working up a pace to the church organ chorus.

Emmett Brown chops up the synth sounds and adds plenty of texture, paving the way for Stalingrad Valkyrie’s neo-classical epic built around an industrial backbone.

Sylac is back with a slice of progressive dark synth from his new album that reminds one of Visoteric and The Crusader Immaculate is keeping the techno flame alive with a retro number.

An unknown artist is sampling his video games for a bass heavy dubstep call to destroy communism, while Babooshka are mashing up the skinhead rock with rave sounds and cartoon vocals for a crossover classic.

We stay in Russia for Stozhar’s pipe led folk metal, which is a bit like Jethro Tull on methamphetamine jamming with Metallica and an opera singer, but better.

Bla Brigader get back to more traditional rock arrangements, but even this has a slowed down ska arrangement half way through.

Kjottkvern soon speed the tempo up again, firing uplifting black metal at us from Norway accompanied by plenty of frantic riffing, before Edelwiess confound expectations once more with just about every chord and time change taking you by surprise.

Britain’s Darkest Sky are up next with a familiar sample, before leading us into acoustic guitar led neo-folk with light keyboards to finish the week’s selection off.

Babooshka, Stalingrad Valkyrie and Centhron are at hammerstorm
The Crusader Immaculate, Document Lambda, Sylac and Darkest Sky are at soundcloud
Edelweiss are at 88.nsm

00: 59 Centhron - Blut Unserer Muetter – NEW
05:15 Document Lambda – Deamonorium - NEW
09:26 Emmett Brown – Synths of Nazareth
13:05 Stalingrad Valkyrie -  Heiliger Regen – NEW
18:39 Sylac -  Artificial Minds - NEW
22:33 The Crusader Immaculate – Reason for the Reason – NEW
25:31 Unknown 
30:41 Babooshka – Become a Skin! - NEW
34:20 Stozhar - Fury
40:49 Bla Brigader - Ballad Till Ungdomen - NEW
44:08 Kjøttkvern – Massakren
50:36 Edelweiss – Schicksalsmelodie - NEW
59:07 Darkest Sky – Stranger in the Ruins – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 60 – ER 070319


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