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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 63 – ER 072419

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Neo-classical, folk metal, hardcore, cyberpunk, synthwave and even a track from our host Eternal Reich on this week’s round up of the best from the pro-White and passive-White musical world.

Eternal Reich begins with the stand-out track from his new album, a slow builder filled with dreamy synths and plenty of time changes before Apollo’s dubstep interpretation of the Stranger Things theme takes over the reins.

Centhron are going for an industrial euro-pop rave machine sound held together with death metal vocals while Holon’s offering has a more refined feel to it, sophisticated beats with the audio equivalent of a strobe light highlighting the melodies.

Lyde have maximum flange effects on their cyber punk offering showing a hint of funky techno and Wolfsschanze rounds the synth section off with an uplifting house track.

Ursinne play melodic metal with a hiphop style vocal that sounds almost like Thin Lizzy in parts with the twin guitars, before slowing the pace down and building again to a furious crescendo.

An anthem from Bound for Glory is next, super fast kick drums, shouted chorus and Maiden style arrangement make this the stand-out song on their last EP.

The full throttle finger tapping soloes continue with Ubermensch interspersed with viking choruses before we are hit with the chunky riffing and doom dancing of Russian hardcore band Verv and their rather aptly named ‘Hammer’.

Wandar begin with full strings before hitting us with a melancholic guitar refrain that breaks out into a death metal rifforama, before winding back down again into contrasting male and female vocals.

Antithese combine viking vocals with chunky riffs and pounding drums with a nod to Black Sabbath, while Velesar are getting the pipes and fiddles out for a punk/folk metal crossover.

L'Effet C'Est Moi finish the week’s selection off with a neo-classical arrangement driven by a timpani beat and with a bit of an old cowboy and indian western movie flavour to it.

Holon is on soundcloud
Ursinne, Verv, Antithese and Ubermensch are at 88.nsm

01:23 Eternal Reich – Rise Vrill-Ya!
06:52 Apollo – Things are Getting Strange – NEW
09:36 Centhron - Rabenschwarz
12:52 Holon – On The Run – NEW
17:48 Lyde – Unrest
21:06 Wolfsschanze – Seige 2019
24:52 Ursinne - Du Ar Dom Som Var – NEW
28:05 Bound For Glory - Dresden 2016
32:51 Ubermensch - Der Waldgang - NEW
39:08 Вервь – Молот - NEW
43:01 Wandar – Heimgang
50:31 Antithese – Vereinsamt - NEW
54:03 Velesar –  Ostatnia Kupalnocka
00:03 L'Effet C'Est Moi - Der Ritter

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 63 – ER 072419


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