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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 64 – ER 073119

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Fans of quality synthwave and epic black metal will love this week’s episode as we check out the latest music being listened to by Nationalists around the world.

Abstract Void start with synths and strings before letting rip with the guitars in a blend of the best of both worlds, followed by DreamReaper with an epic slice of progressive cyber funk, crystal clear production, wild synth soloes and plenty of syncopated beats to get your head nodding, this is probably the best track on his new album.

Holon drops the pace slightly for a slow building monster of a tune with a minimalist refrain that sticks in your mind and eventually melts into the disco basslines and menacing overtones of Sweden’s Lyde.

Sturmwehr are hitting the harmonies with the vocals for a melodic punk excursion while Motivation are going for a rough and ready version of the same to get you primed for action.

Gaslarm are obviously big fans of Metallica’s ‘Kill’em All’, their track sounds like that whole album crystallised into one song and given a more polished production and then it’s time for the black metal.

Kaatarakt start with a bit of doom dancing before adding trad instruments and opening the throttle on the guitars, followed up by Burning Hate adding nu-metal into the mix with a hint of hardcore, to whet your appetite for the banging bass and fiddlecore of

Wolfkrieg begin with a piano lament backed up by double kick drums before adding melancholy Spanish guitars and horns for a piece of really inventive and accomplished NSBM.

Hellheim get us back into a traditional bass-driven rock groove with Nordic male vocals harmonising and an amazing guitar solo, before MoonGates Guardian (the alter egos of Regnat Horrendum) finish with an orchestral black metal tribute to JRR Tolkein featuring beautiful choral work.

Holon, DreamReaper and Lyde are at soundcloud
Sturmwehr and Motivation are at 88nsm
Gaslarm are at hammerstorm
Burning Hate are on Youtube

00:56 Abstract Void – Strings of Time
05:51 DreamReaper – Cambion - NEW
12:36 Holon – All I Want Now is Data – NEW
17:04 Lyde – Digital Spirit – NEW
21:25 Sturmwehr - Ein Volk Steht Auf - NEW
26:32 Motivation – Motivation - NEW
30:00 Gaslarm - Destination Unknown - NEW
33:50 Kaatarakt – The Gathering
38:36 Burning Hate – Victim of Madness – NEW
43:34 Хрен - Голоса
47:30 Wolfkrieg - Black Drakkar
54:22 Helheim - Rignir
02:27 MoonGates Guardian - The Shadows Where The Mewlips Dwell

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 64 – ER 073119


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