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Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 66 – ER 081419

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Eleven brand spanking new tunes for you to check out tonight, so pour out an energy drink and crank up the volume for another pro-White and passive-White global music excursion in the company of your host, Eternal Reich.

France’s Dirty Synth Story debut with a barrage of cyberpunk sounds and grungy guitar, followed by the familiar distorted bass of Halindir’s Buubdurub project with plenty of unexpected acoustic guitar and even more unexpected razor sharp xylophone, cutting through the pounding kettle drums effects halfway through.

Holon gets a groove going with a repeated melody loop overlaid with spacey effects and stretched vocal samples, while Triptidon is trying his hand at a darksynth remix this week with loads of syncopated bursts of distortion and a majestic chorus, before more unexpected strings appear in the form of a guitar solo.

Lone Alpha keeps the darksynth vibe going with added techno overtones for a well paced crescendo to the electronica section, adding a nice contrast to the acapella vocal harmonies and concentrated emotion of St Friendship.

Velimore ease us into the metal section with a stomping hardcore anthem to get your head nodding, before Spanish skins Thumbscrew get you up and jumping for ‘Let’s Riot’.

Hot Rod Frankie and the Bride are just so good they had to come back a second time, this track will leave the melody buzzing round your head for days after first hearing it.

Helheim make a welcome return too, with sixties influenced death metal spiced with a Nordic vocal flavour before Percival Schuttenbach start a folk metal dialogue between male and female Slavic voices, interspersed with progressive rock style guitars and plenty of time changes.

Anaal Nathrakh come crashing in on a similar note but a totally different genre, ultra heavy nu-metal with machine gun guitars and desiccated corpse vocals to finish the rock section off.

The Mamas and the Pepes are experimenting with a ska influence and echo effect, while Randgruppe Deutsch are going for a traditional German RAC ballad in a Sleipnir style with soaring female vocals.
More angelic vocals from Marita Andersson follow, this time more in a trad folk style accompanied by guitar strumming and produced by Andreas Johansson.

Baleygr finish with a classical guitar solo featuring plenty of reverb to give it a warm glow.

Dirty Synth Story, Halindir, The Mamas and the Pepes, Holon, Triptidon, Lone Alpha, Marita Andersson  and Baleygr are at soundcloud
Hot Rod Frankie and the Bride and Велимор are at 88.nsm
Randgruppe Deutsch are at hammerstorm

00:32 Dirty Synth Story – Cyber Mind - NEW
03:25 Halindir – Buubdurub – DistoDisco XXVI – NEW
08:24 Holon – The Call of the Unknown – NEW
13:04 Triptidon – Dead Alert (Remix) – NEW
16:50 Lone Alpha – Sigil – NEW
22:23 St Friendship – Brother
26:26 Велимор – Вендетта - NEW
29:29 Thumbscrew – Let’s Riot
32:03 Hot Rod Frankie and the Bride  - Liv utan liv -  NEW
35:47 Helheim - Vindarblástr
40:38 Percival Schuttenbach - Pieśń Małej Marii
45:23 Anaal Nathrakh – Forward!
49:06 The Mamas and the Pepes – Intergalactic Fascist – NEW
52:36 Randgruppe Deutsch - Liebe zu Deutschland - NEW
56:05 Marita Andersson – Moder Svea – NEW
59:01 Baleygr – Ijsvogel – NEW

Presented by Eternal Reich

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 66 – ER 081419


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