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Halindir: Audio Insurgency 68 – ER 082819

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Guest host Halindir man’s the sonic cannon again this week, firing finely crafted audio explosives in defiance at the enemy, with a focus on rural tunes after the synthwave and metal has finished.

Pro Patria begin with a futuristic slice of industrial dance music with a military feel and shouted vocals similar to Stark Von Oben, followed by an up-tempo Holon tune with plenty of staccato percussion and majestic synths to get your head nodding.

Synthwave with a funky retro electro feel next from Russia’s Tapecult, changing to a more sophisticated rhythm with darksynth overtones from France’s Lone Alpha and the first meanderings of a lead guitar.

Ukraine’s Circle add a traditional folk flavour to the beats with female chanting before Celeritas Tenebris makes a triumphant return, beginning with church organ and ending with screaming metal guitars.

Eisenwut mix industrial synths with thrash metal to produce a catchy chorus in the Ramstein mould and Faust provide the first classic rock track of the night with a uniquely German sounding chorus.

Paranoid put the lead guitars to the front for a speed metal excursion, followed by black metal from Der Tod und die Landsknechte and a piece which sounds reminiscent of a traditional drinking song.

Church hymns next from Swiss band Vargr I Veum and then we are into the folk section with the Mamas and the Pepes for a round of ‘no never, no more’.

Jack Hwite gets the banjo out to accompany his note perfect voice, sounding like a more rural Byron de la Vandal and Redneck 28 add drums and bass to the mix for a country cover version of a Skrewdriver classic, leaving it up Rebel Son to finish with the barn-storming square dance knees-up that is ‘Ghost Train’.

Holon, Celeritas Tenebris and The Mamas and the Pepes are at soundcloud
Der Tod und die Landsknechte are at 88.nsm
Jack Hwite is on youtube

00:54 Pro Patria - Into the Deep – NEW
05:40 Holon – The Long Journey Ahead – NEW
11:03 Tapecult – Hero is Born
14:12 Lone Alpha – Virtua
21:09 Коло – В Обрії Снів
25:59 Celeritas Tenebris – Stained and Shattered Glass – NEW
32:23 Eisenwut ‎- Gib Mir Kraft
35:49 Faust - Dein Kampf
39:47 Paranoid - Der Natur Folgend
43:00 Der Tod und die Landsknechte - Schweigen im Wald – NEW
47:56 Vargr I Veum - Nearer My Good To Thee
51:22 The Mamas and the Pepes – Bad Optics – NEW
54:19 Jack Hwite - Bridge of the Ubermensch – NEW
56:57 Redneck 28 - Free My Land
01:33 Rebel Son – Ghost Train

Presented by Halindir

Eternal Reich: Audio Insurgency 68 – ER 082819


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