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The Orthodox Nationalist: Islam, the Jews and the Balkan Oligarchs – TON 082119

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the history of Islam and it’s usage first by Jews and then by the imperial powers as a way to control the Middle East and Southeast Europe.

When Islam swept over the Christian territories of the Near East, North Africa and Central Asia cutting down all who resisted, they were followed by both Jewish and Venetian oligarchs who then served as well paid courtiers to the New Order. Jews, as always, were the best Muslims and had immense wealth and power. Foreign policy was set by them since they controlled all access to credit.
Therefore, Islam is the creation of Judaism and serves their interest.

In Europe, Islam was used by the ruling class to destroy Orthodoxy in Yugoslavia and southern Russia. After the Ottoman defeat in the First World War, Islam was in steep decline. It had few members, was deeply divided and dying a slow death. It was associated with Ottoman backwardness. It needed to be artificially re-created by the west to control Russia and Armenia in the Middle East and southeast Europe. Modern Islam bears little resemblance to it’s more ancient origins since it is an artificial creation of imperialism to deal with British and French rivals.

Islam was backed by the Jews in the 8th century and again, reinvented by the great powers in the early 20th century. Once Israel was founded in 1948, Islam was granted a new lease of life, now having an enemy around which to rally. Islam is not a religion. It's a political movement and a military doctrine to serve the imperial interests of the Great Powers.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Islam, the Jews and the Balkan Oligarchs – TON 082119


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