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Sensushade: Audio Insurgency 74 – AAI 100919

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Sensushade hosts this week’s show packed full of new synthwave, rave metal, volksmusik and patriot rock from pro-White and passive-White musicians from around the world.

Dav Dralleon begins with plenty of time changes and inter-twined melodies moving swiftly into Amalec and their new stripped down sound, gone are the happy disco daze as we move into more menacing electro territory.

Powercyan’s recognisable vocoder and flange effects are up next with plenty of Master Boot Record midi guitar, followed by Lyde with a well-crafted slice of darksynth with retro overtones.

Greta Thunberg wants us to panic, but the Nordic Resistance Movement can still fix this, with a slow paced catchy electro number from Andreas Johanssen.

Cult of Neon cut in with an expansive bassline that takes over melody duties for a monster of a new tune from Serbia and then we are into retro rock territory with Code 291, sounding similar to The Ruts’ ‘Babylon’s Burning’.

Volksmusik next from Falk Hundorf with a Christmassy feel and then we are back into the synthwave with Holon and a guitar led number, that’s a bit speedier than we are used to hearing from him.

Wolfkrieg from Russia follow with a black metal number unaccompanied by orchestral instruments for a change and Vapor Hiemis add keyboards to the metal for a brutal rave metal crossover tune.

Document Lambda’s suspended bass notes lead into a more industrial sound for him, with layers of church organ on top and Phonix round the podcast off with an identity anthem with a familiar voice.

Amalec, Dav Dralleon, Powercyan, Lyde, Wolfkrieg, Document Lambda Andreas Johanssen, Cult of Neon, Falk Hundorf and Holon are at Soundcloud

00:33 Dav Dralleon – Thunderage – NEW
04:54 Amalec – Dead or Dying (Reaction) - NEW
07:49 Powercyan – You Are the Future - NEW
11:01 Lyde – Afterlife Avenue - NEW
14:45 Andreas Johanssen – Panic (featuring Greta Thunberg) – NEW
18:44 Cult of Neon – Hardwired – NEW
22:25 Code 291 - Tolerant Today - Dead Tomorrow
25:42 Falk Hundorf – Der Konig in Thule – NEW
29:28 Holon – In the End it Was all Worth it – NEW
35:02 Wolfkrieg – Step Into the Flames - NEW
39:18 Vapor Hiemis – Адной Зiмы
44:44 Document Lambda – Under a Pale Moon he dug a Shallow Grave for no one in Particular - NEW
48:54 Phonix – Spartan

Presented by Sensushade

Sensushade: Audio Insurgency 74 – AAI 100919


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