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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 77 – AAI 103019

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Ten new tunes tonight from all over the White world covering the whole spectrum of music from neo-classical to epic black metal, with synthwave, EBM, RAC, hardcore and identity rock in between.

Synthwave Redneck opens the show with a slow-tempo piano-led classical piece accompanied by strings, followed by the staccato drumming of Amalec and a harsher sound than we are used to from them.

Twenty One is surfing the dreamwave once again with his signature sounds and HeartBeat Hero is going for a darker feel than was apparent on his Matrix-themed album.

Iron Court is back with a techno-influenced industrial remix and Werksfront add guitars and vocals to the EBM beats for their offering.

Nezhegol take us back to the eighties for some Joy Division influenced new wave before we are back into the industrial genre with Brazil’s Guerreiros Paulistas.

Jack Hwite has guitars and drums added next for a ForNull remix which really compliments Jack’s cowpunk style.

Old favourites The Decency make their return with a cheerful cover version highlighting their pop influences, before the epic orchestral sweeps of Uberfolk take over showcasing their musical versatility.

Thrima step on the distortion pedal for an RAC supergroup blast with guest vocalists and Phonix add a funky undercurrent to the power chords in their number.

Russian band Krumkac blast through the aether with brutal guitars and female chanting over frantic riffing for an epic excursion into black metal territory, before we reach our final destination in Elessar’s laid back acoustic finger plucking.

Synthwave Redneck, Amalec, HeartBeatHero, Iron Court, Twenty-One, ForNull & The Decency are at Soundcloud
Uberfolk are on Youtube
Krumkac are at VK

00:23 Synthwave Redneck – Echoes - NEW
07:40 Amalec - Our Soil - NEW
10:14 Twenty-One – Astray - NEW
13:59 HeartBeatHero - The Hero of Neon City - NEW
17:37 Sydney Valette - Moya Cectra (Iron Court Remix) - NEW
22:10 Werksfront – Abfahn
26:09 Nezhegol - Искатели
29:22 Guerreiros Paulistas - Hino do PRP
32:27 ForNull & Jack Hwite - Western Apocalypse Now - NEW
35:47 The Decency - Real Hero - NEW
39:27 Uberfolk - While Rome Still Lives - NEW
43:39 Thrima - Pro Nation (Mit H8machine Und Old Firm)
48:18 Phonix -  Lionheart
52:17 Krumkac - Nas Sliach - NEW
04:28 Elessar - Time Reflection – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 77 – AAI 103019


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