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Axis War Heroes: Erich ‘Bubi’ Hartmann – AWH 110519

Messerchmitt joins Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise for a look at outstanding German war hero Erich Hartmann, who started out near the bottom of his class and could not keep up with the others, but was later to overtake them all and become one of the greatest fighter pilots of all time.

He was able to shoot down 352 enemy aircraft during his 1,404 combat missions and was forced to crash-land his own damaged fighter 14 times, not due to enemy fire however but because it had been hit by pieces of flying debris from his targets. His record was so incredible that Goering grew suspicious and sent observers in separate planes to record the amount of direct hits. It was found that his record was entirely true and Bubi really was such an incredible pilot.

Schmitt explains how in the German air force the leadership position was decided through results and only the most skilled pilots would lead the missions, regardless of what their official rank was. Dennis contrasts this with the British Air Force and the class system that is still prevalent in Britain today. National Socialism was about getting the different classes working with each other rather than against each other. Part of this was achieved through the German work programs, which everyone had to take part in regardless of social position. Similar work programs are in place in Britain today, but these are used to punish only one class of people, those who are unable to work.

Hartmann refused to abandon his flight crew and was captured by the Soviets. They forced him to watch German women being raped along with other tortures, such as threatening to have his family killed back in Germany. He would eventually spend 10 years in the Gulag, one time going on hunger strike with the whole gulag protesting in support of him. When he was finally released he served in the new air force of occupied Germany and was shocked to see his superiors purchasing substandard aircraft from America. He was sacked for speaking up about this, but was proved to be correct, as over a hundred German pilots were killed flying these machines.

He eventually died in his seventies, with his ill health probably due to mistreatment in the gulags. This in itself proves that any holohoaxers still alive cannot possibly have been mistreated in the German work camps, because they are still alive while the Germans who were sent to the Gulag are not.

Presented by Messerschmitt, Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Axis War Heroes: Erich ‘Bubi’ Hartmann – AWH 110519


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