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Axis War Heroes: Michael Wittmann – AWH 110619

Messerchmitt joins Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise to talk about German Panzer hero Michael Wittmann.

Wittmann took out six Russian tanks from his Stug Mark III, all of which had moveable turrets while his was only stationary. After seeing three Russians still alive after the final attack, instead of leaving them to burn to death he ordered his men to help put the fire out by smothering them with blankets.

This act of mercy was held up as a courageous example of humanity in the midst of a terrible war and Wittmann was awarded the first of many medals for this act of bravery.

In the battle of Kursk featured in Dennis Wise’s documentary, he managed to destroy 30 tanks and 38 anti-tank machine guns of the enemy.  He also managed to take out the first tank in a line, causing all the others to pile into it while he picked them all off one by one.

Dennis explains how Wittman was held up as the archetypal Nordic warrior, blonde haired and blue eyed with deep-seated morals alongside his courage. The German army were encouraged to emulate him and were given lessons in etiquette, with the SS even donning suits and cleaning up first before liberating an area, so as to make the best possible impression. They really were the last of the crusading knights, fighting to preserve the flame of European chivalry.

Presented by Messerschmitt, Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Axis War Heroes: Michael Wittmann – AWH 110619


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