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Axis War Heroes: Otto Skorzeny – AWH 110719

Messerchmitt joins Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise to talk about Otto Skorzeny, leader of possibly the most daring raid of the last century.

Schmitt translates letters from Bishops at the time of the Anschluss, showing that the Church fully supported National Socialism and the duty of all Christians to preserve their race and nation. He also talks about the mansur fencing tradition that gave Skorzeny his characteristic scar, his travels across Europe and some of his war-time exploits that earned him his medals. Skorzeny was reminded of the colours of the rainbow when he thought about the European nations, all entirely different and separate to one another, but united together to produce something greater than it’s individual parts. He was also not happy about fighting against his European brothers in France, but knew that it was inevitable thanks to internationalist manipulation of the media.

Jews have tried to smear Skorzeny by claiming that he worked for the Mossad, but since it is only Jews that have made this claim about him, the likelihood is that it is not true and Schmitt also produces a quote from him confirming that he never took part in any commando raids after the war.

Schmitt talks about the special unit that Skorzeny formed, the ‘Unit for Special Disposal’. They would be used for unconventional operations based on Skorzeny’s theory that the minimum of force should be used to gain the maximum effect. Because of Skorzeny’s success in battle he had many personal interactions with Hitler and in one of these, he was told why Hitler would not authorise research into the atomic bomb.

Schmitt also talks about the amount of traitors among the Germans who were helping the allies, even their intelligence chief was working for the enemy and one was actually awarded by the Soviets after the war. With the traitors and the British code breaking machine, it is amazing that the German army had any success at all, let alone almost managed to gain victory in so much of Europe.

The rumour of Skorzeny joining operation Wehrwolf and training recruits for it is also addressed, but the evidence for this happening is surprisingly scant.

The daring rescue of Mussolini by Oscar Skorzeny gets overlooked in most stories from the war and is even minimised by Wikipedia, yet his autobiography goes into great detail on this incredible mission against all odds, that succeeded without even a shot being fired. Both sides behaved honourably, with the enemy even being given their pistols back on admitting their defeat. They would go on to help remove rubble from the runway for the plane to land and pick the rescue team up.

Skorzeny would go on to sue a British newspaper for slandering him and win £10,000, £5,000 of which he donated to British servicemen injured in the war and the other £5,000 went to German ones. This shows the honour that this man had and the culture of honour that we all had, in a Europe that was free of the other races and the immorality and deceit which followed them.

Presented by Messerschmitt, Sven Longshanks and Dennis Wise

Axis War Heroes: Otto Skorzeny – AWH 110719


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