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Patriotic Weekly Review: Henrik and Lana from Red Ice – PWR 111319

Mark Collett and co-hosts are joined by Henrik and Lana from Red Ice for the first PWR with Radio Albion.

Henrik and Lana talk about their work at Red Ice and the recent deplatforming of their channel by Youtube, who have announced that channels which are not ‘commercially viable’ will be terminated.

Viewers are not just having the content they have subscribed to removed, the money they have donated to creators in superchats has also been misappropriated by Youtube.

TOS agreements may be a source of legal redress over this, as you cant just change an existing contract without consent from both parties.

A lot of national news content is no longer feasible for discussion on Youtube from our point of view and Bitchute is becoming the platform of choice for dissidents.

Presented by Mark Collett, No White Guilt and Patrick Slattery, with Guests Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff

Patriotic Weekly Review: Henrik and Lana from Red Ice – PWR 111319


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