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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 79 – AAI 111319

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Nine new pro-White and passive-White tunes covering doom metal, electro, synthwave, death metal, folk metal and more, the Audio Insurgency is home to the best in world music because it’s all made by the same people who invented it!

We are straight into the futuristic darksynth with Cyberthing, followed by Forerunnerx, whose use of contrasting keys gives a real sense of tension to his piece, both artists have new albums to promote on Bandcamp.

Document Lambda drops the pace a notch for an atmospheric spine tingler, before Amalec’s lo-fi remix of a pitch-stretched Hiraeth tune shows just how proficient he is becoming in the studio.

Graeda mix ambient sounds with a house beat leading smoothly into the sophisticated rhythms of Holon, contrasting sharply with the Duran Duran influenced retro-electro of GosT.

Reborn begin with John Carpenter inspired piano growing into triumphant guitars and brass and We Are Magonia close the synth section with suitably scary hammer-horror keyboard riffs and chip metal guitar.

Dalriada’s use of folk melodies within call and response vocals works really well with their progressive metal style, easing us into the reverb-laden melodic metalcore of Germany’s Youth of Tomorrow.

Velesar’s pipes and fiddles are next for a sing-a-long-a sea shanty before we head into the realms of atmospheric black metal with Ukraine’s Stryvigor, making use of harps, guitars, keyboards and thundering drums.

Severe Storm make full use of drone riffing techniques for their sixties influenced doom metal offering and the legendary Ian Stuart and Stigger see us out with a classic RAC ballad.

Cyberthing!, Forerunnerx, Amalec, Holon, Document Lambda, Graeda and We Are Magonia are at Soundcloud
GosT are at Hammerstorm
Severe Storm are at Lower Silesian Stronghold

01:15 Cyberthing! -  Firefight Night - NEW
05:12 Forerunnerx - Black Rose - NEW
09:37 Document Lambda - Terrors in My Bed - NEW
12:49 Amalec - From the Ashes We Rise - NEW
17:36 Graeda – Interval - NEW
21:17 Holon - Island Of Stability - NEW
26:20 GosT - Dreadfully Pious - NEW
30:31 Reborn - Nas Cas
35:50 We Are Magonia - Diabolus In Musica - NEW
40:36 Dalriada - A Walesi Bárdok 1. rész
45:03 Youth of Tomorrow - Europas Untergang
48:59 Velesar -  Normanica (Szanta Wikińska)
54:09 Stryvigor - The Way of Length to Infinity
00:05 Severe Storm – Ragnarok - NEW
06:55 Ian Stuart + Stigger - Another Prayer For The Dying

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 79 – AAI 111319


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