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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 81 – AAI 112819

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs.

Plenty of bass in tonight’s Audio Insurgency, twelve new tunes from Canada to Sweden, from dubstep to pipe and fiddle, in the company of this week's host, Sven Longshanks.

The master of the epic build-up Holon sets the scene with a funky ambient bass line, before Amalec surpass themselves with chopped up Orthodox chanting over rim shots and syncopated synth stabs.

Mojave gets the sub frequencies oscillating with dub step bass and a retro hook line, followed by cinematic synthwave artist Wolfgaze using a variety of styles to take us on a journey.

Dirty electro next from GosT, mixing Axel F style keys with Simon le Bon vocals, contrasting nicely with the smooth grooves and balaeric style of French producer Efilheim.

Emmett Brown is back with horror movie samples and darksynth sounds, leading us into the last of the synthwave tonight, Cult of Neon’s frantic chase scene influenced ‘The Church’.

Polished production and note perfect harmonies from The Decency starts the guitar section, before the chainsaws and growls of accomplished Polish hardcore band LTW take over the airwaves.

Gaslarm’s thrash workout follows with plenty of echo on the vocals, before we stop for a breather with KT8’s emotive punk ballad ‘Queen’s Lament’.

We come back with the twin guitars and heavy rock of Stereotyp and a final blast of anthemic RAC with Sturm 18, followed by Polish folk maestro Lord Wind winding the podcast down with traditional pipe, fiddle and drums.

Holon, Amalec, Mojave, Wolfgaze, Cult of Neon, Emmett Brown & The Decency are on Soundcloud
GosT are at Hammerstorm
Gaslarm are on Hammerstorm
Legion Twierdzy Wroclaw are on Kategorie C
KT8 is at HC Streetwear Productions
Sturm 18 are at Das Zeughaus

00:34 Holon - Where The Best Deals Are Made - NEW
06:05 Amalec - Reconquista V2 - NEW
10:13 Mojave - Stranger Danger - NEW
14:15 Wolfgaze – Stasis - NEW
19:04 GosT - Bloody Roses - NEW
22:28 Efilheim – Manufactured Insurrection
26:55 Emmett Brown - Doc's Return - NEW
29:56 Cult of Neon - The Church - NEW
34:03 The Decency - The Tide Will Bring You a Sail - NEW
38:25 Legion Twierdzy Wroclaw - Deathly Hallows - NEW
43:48 Gaslarm - World Purification - NEW
48:38 KT8 - Queens Lament - NEW
54:20 Stereotyp - Lethargie
58:30 Sturm 18 – Sabotage - NEW
04:10 Lord Wind -  Pagantiga

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 81 – AAI 112819


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