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The Orthodox Nationalist: On the Final Victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan – TON 111319

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the failure of America to defeat the Taliban and the start of negotiations with the Trump administration.

Despite recent disruptions, the US continues its surrender negotiations with the Taliban. While no US government agency can use the term "surrender," the present "government" in Kabul, created and financed by the US taxpayer, claims this is precisely what it is. That puppet government knows it couldn't last five minutes in power without American guns and as recent events show, even with them. Much of their “army” has deserted or, according to American advisers on the ground, are on drugs.

The Taliban are an Islamic National Socialist force. They seek only the reconstruction of the country in consensus with other Islamic groups. They've stated over and over that they have no expansionist desires and have no concern with struggles outside its borders. They want all money to be raised in Afghanistan and used in Afghanistan. With practically no help from anyone, they've defeated the US military and their ISIS mercenaries while also making a mockery of the “Afghan National Army.”
This proves they're a legitimate and popular force. The victory of the Taliban also means a massive disruption in the supply of morphine and other opiates, so our present opiate crisis is directly tied to this situation. The victory for the Taliban is a victory for the West.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: On the Final Victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan – TON 111319


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