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The Orthodox Nationalist: Trump Impeachment Fraud – TON 110619

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson pulls apart the Democrats impeachment farce in this week’s episode.

The present impeachment of Donald Trump is the most bizarre development in American political history. Even if everything the Regime says he did is true, he's still done nothing wrong. At least with Clinton, it was based on perjury, an actual crime. Here, there's not even a claim of wrongdoing.

Foreign aid always comes with strings attached. This is only an attempt to destroy Trump's presidency since they have nothing to put against him in 2020.

In this broadcast, I explain the purpose of impeachment and the related notion of the “Nobility Clause” of the Constitution. The same ruling class that seeks to destroy Trump is exactly what the “Nobility Clause” exists to prevent. In 1800, only five percent of Americans could vote. This is proper because only that number has the time, freedom, literacy and independence to formulate an opinion not created by those with power.

In his letter to Thomas Jefferson, John Adams said:

“When I consider the weakness, the folly, the pride, the vanity, the selfishness, the artifice, the low craft and mean cunning, the want of principle, the avarice, the unbounded ambition, the unfair cruelty of the majority of those (in all nations) who are allowed an aristocratical influence, and, on the other hand the stupidity with which the more numerous multitude not only become their dupes, but even love to be taken by their tricks, I feel a stronger disposition to weep at their destiny, than to laugh at their folly.”

Mass society and mass democracy is just a façade for oligarchy. Madison in Federalist 57 says that a debased population will not even understand what liberty is or how it's preserved. The American republic was an aristocratic confederation, not a “democracy” and certainly not an “empire.” Donald Trump, despite all his errors and foibles, is today subject to a coup d'etat that might just blow up in their faces.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Trump Impeachment Fraud – TON 110619


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