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Patriotic Weekly Review: Blair Cottrell – PWR 120419

Mark Collett and the regular co-hosts are joined by Blair Cottrell to talk about censorship in Australia and his personal struggle against government corruption.

Blair describes joining Reclaim Australia before starting the United Patriots Front. They were mainly concerned with moral corruption at the top and it’s connection to the immigration agenda.

Because his message went further than just counter jihad the state has done all it can to censor him, not just banning him from social media but also removing his ability to conduct private financial transactions.

He is currently waiting to hear the verdict on a charge of intent to incite ridicule of Moslems.

Mark asks for his opinion on the much talked about Australian points based immigration system and how far the LGBTQ agenda has advanced in Australia.

No White Guilt is interested in the dynamic between oppression and resistance and Blair breaks down the real meaning of the word ‘kaffir’ in an explanation of Islamic extremism.

Mark Collett, Patrick Slattery and No White Guilt with special guest Blair Cottrell

Patriotic Weekly Review: Blair Cottrell – PWR 120419


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